Optionally Being Imperfect

I found this little guy on the deck rail.  Unfortunately, I had just seconds to swing the camera up and snap his picture.  I can risk an imperfect photo; optionally, I could have missed the shot and skipped doing it since I couldn’t do it good enough.

I took it anyhow.  It’s not great, but it is clear enough to see the markings and how unusual he (she?) looked.  I only squeezed out three shots and he decided I was being too inquisitive and scooted into a crack to wait me out.  This was one was the best.

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  1. Yea, not me. Don’t want to be over that fear!!! Wolf spider…I think. They jump. Ewww. Brave shot.

    • That’s what telephoto lenses are for – the photographer can’t get too close to such a small object! Especially with those bright green fangs.

  2. I know. Sometimes we just have to go with good enough. I’m glad you posted it even though I am frightened of spiders. Maybe when I grow up I’ll get over it.

    • I may have taken that picture, but I wasn’t standing too close! Although they are not overly aggressive – I think it would have only bit me if I’d put my hand directly on it.

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