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Dull Skies Are Hard For Photographs

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As I’m taking my daily photographs, it’s hard on some days to work around the dull skies that seem so pervasive this spring.  This clock was really neat, but even with Photoshop I can’t do anything to improve it (this photo is unaltered – I dind’t bother saving what didn’t work).

I’ll have to retake it a different day when the sky is either blue or the clouds are billowing and puffy.  I took others this day, but was able to compose them so the dull sky isn’t really seen.

Word for tomorrow – CRITICIZED.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”. 

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2 Replies to “Dull Skies Are Hard For Photographs”

  1. Looks pretty good to me. But you’re right…too many dully, gray skies. The sun’s out right now. Let’s hope it hangs around for a good, long while. :)

    1. It didn’t last very long here – we’ve had gray and rain since Wednesday. The James River is flooding in a number of places. I got a lot of peony pictures with all the raindrops on them though before the rain beat them flat.

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