Beside My Sister, My Best Friend

My sister has been my best friend since she was born.  My mother said I couldn’t wait for her to get old enough to play with – I was so eager I tried to lift her off the bed by her neck even though she was only a few months old.  Thankfully my Mom caught me at it before I hurt her!
She’s walked beside me for my whole life.  Our husbands are good sports about it and when we get to spend precious time together, they are content to leave us be.  Of course, both guys have been a part of our life for years; my brother-in-law since grade school and my husband since high school.  And the hubby’s grew up just a block apart from each other too.  
So here’s to a Happy Mother’s Day and to the best friend that my Mother gave me.  And yes, my sister is holding a shotgun shell box.  You didn’t think my uncle went skeet shooting by himself, did you?  Of course not.  My grandfather, father, and various uncles were all there too, and it was up to us cousins to retrieve shells that were in good enough shape to be reloaded. 

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