Bye To Winter


Earlier this year, I started taking daily photos.  It was a challenge for me to find something every day to photograph.  The various articles that I’d read (see the sidebar for links) encouraged it as a way to increase creativity, improve photo technique, and at the end of the year, have a visual diary of one’s life. 

Initially it was hard to find something every day to photograph.  I started photographing downtown when I went on my daily lunchtime walks, then found I had some good pictures – better than I expected.  My favorite boy toy loved mugging for the camera.  The dogs didn’t care as long as they got treats.  When all else failed, I took dog pictures at night and even that didn’t happen very frequently. 

When I started this though, winter was still in full swing.  I practiced patience by reminding myself that without the leaves, I saw much more than I would otherwise see.  Things were more open and less hidden.  But it felt like the days of  bare trees and brown grass just went on forever!

And then one day it didn’t.  I finally felt like I said bye to winter. 

Word for tomorrow – ATTAIN.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”. 

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