Rise and Shine To Go Fishing

My sister and I and our families took a wonderful vacation “up north” the summer my daughter graduated from high school.  My brother-in-law and his daughter (my niece – the one that plays the flute) went out early one morning to go fishing.  It was definitely a rise and shine type of morning to get out on the water by dawn to get the best fish. 

They had a wonderful time and she came back with a fish.  Unfortunately, the early morning caught up with her shortly afterwards and she dissolved in tears about the small fish she had to throw back.  A long nap later and the rest of the day went just fine. 

My sister and I were happy that he got up early and took her out fishing.  She was so happy with her catch and we relived the memories of going out early fishing with our own father, who loved waking us up with RISE & SHINE GIRLS.  LET’S GO. 

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  1. Very sweet. Love family stories with an old-fashioned, heart-warming twist.

    Fishing? Haven’t done that since I was a child. Not sure if I’d remember how. ;) If my life depended upon it I’m sure I’d relearn pretty quickly though. ha, ha. ;)

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