Decline of an Old Dog

One of the hardest things in life is when your  beloved pet  goes into a final decline at the end of their life.  This picture here is one of my Dad’s hunting dogs who was also a much loved house dog, much to his dismay.  She followed my sister and I everywhere, was housebroken and not destructive (unlike certain dogs who live with me now), and loved us all fiercely. 

When my Dad retired her, it broke her heart to be left behind when the other dogs went hunting.  But when she stopped eating shortly after this picture was taken, it broke out hearts.  Within a few short days it was apparent that all she wanted was to go out in the cold and never came back in again.  No matter what tidbits we tried to feed her, no matter if we tried to force feed her, her time had come and one day she went for a final car ride to the vet. 

I’ve since gone through this with my cats, my babies, and it never gets easier.  When it’s their time to go, we have to make our peace whether we want to or not.

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  1. It’s so hard to say goodbye to them, then you get a new pet and realize that you can still love. They’re not a replacement, but an extension of the love you have.

  2. I agree. Each is so unique that they’re missed when they’re gone. I’ve parted with my share of dogs and cats…none of them were a cinch. In my heart I pined for their memories, but a new adoption always cheered my spirits.

    the cycle of life…it is what it is…hugmamma.

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