Saving The Best Chocolate for Easter

My father-in-law, on break at work.

My father-in-law, on break at work.

My father-in-law loved putting together Easter baskets for the kids & grandkids each Easter.  At that time, Fannie May was the best candy you could buy in the Chicago area.  It was utterly superb chocolate, especially the chocolate marshmallow eggs.  Every year, found him saving the best chocolate for Easter.

My father-in-law was not a rich man – far from it.  He was a master machinist, raising seven children on his salary.  But every Easter there was a huge basket for each child, each grandchild, and me.  Yes, I got one too.  The daughter-in-law.  It was our little joke because of all the children and all the grandchildren, I was the one who liked the same chocolate that he did – the dark chocolate rabbit and those wonderful dark chocolate marshmallow eggs.  Every year the two of us sat there, laughing as we shared the marshmallow eggs, and told each other how the other ones didn’t know what was really good.

I loved it.  Not that I needed the chocolate – even then I was struggling with my weight.  But I loved how my father-in-law made me feel so special and how we shared the same joke each Easter.

This picture of him was taken at work, right around the time I started dating my husband.  He looks so tired – he worked rotating shifts and spent most of his life exhausted.

Happy Easter everyone!  Enjoy your families and make more happy memories today.


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