Best Picture Ever

This is the best picture ever – or at least for this week.

Yes, it is a pick-up truck in our driveway with Georgia plates.  The child is here for the weekend and we are having fun!  It is so nice to see her for a few days before she starts her new job. 

Now back to the Doctor Who reruns and Scrabble.  So far the score is 1-1.  But I beat her by more points!

1 Comment

  1. Sounds like you love and cherish your daughter as I do mine. Know what else? My daughter lived in Georgia for 5 years while she was training with Atlanta Ballet. I lived with her the first 2 1/2 years since she was only 16 when she started there. Do you go down to Georgia much?

    AND, my daughter and I love to play bananagrams, which is like a fast-paced scrabble and crossword puzzles game. I think we’re evenly matched. Although I often spend too much time making big words, while my daughter and husband go for…speed!

    we have much in common…you and i…hugmamma. ;)

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