Accumulate In The Kitchen Drawer

I am always amazed at the stuff that I accumulate in my kitchen drawer!  In doesn’t get used frequently, but when I need it, I need it – from my tape measure to tape for freezer containers to the shredder and little felt dots. 

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      • When we remodeled our kitchen/dining space a few years ago, I worked with a kitchen designer who came with the cabinets we purchased. Vawn was great in helping to maximize every inch of space so that I have many, many drawers in which to separate all my stuff. The problem is, it’s allowed me to acquire more stuff…

        yikes!!!…hugmamma. ;) (although it’s still not as bad as it once was.)

        • I’m so jealous! We have a beautiful floor and countertop, but the cabinet themselves stink. But replacing them is not a priority in our finances at this time.

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