Earth Day

Shutter Sisters theme today is b kind to earth and they ask what is on our mind as Earth Day approaches.  For me, it is rain. 

Spring has come early to Central Virginia – almost a month earlier than last year.  I don’t like that.  Summers here are hot and humid.  I can’t get my garden to grow except by watering it once and sometimes twice a day.  My husband and I have discussed putting in rain barrels under the gutters, but in the middle of summer, there can be weeks without any rain at all.

I’m happy to see the spring rain.  The James River is high right now (see the post on my photo blog here) and there is a danger of flooding in some areas.  I still don’t think we can get too much rain right now though in preparation for an early and hot summer.


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  1. Love this blog. What made you decide to do another? By the way, I can send you tons of rain if you’d like. I’ve got more than I can handle. ;)

    • I started the other blog as a way to learn WordPress on something that was short and simple. I’d like to develop this into something more substantial but just have had the time to really devote to it.

      I write a lot of good things in my journals that I would like to share and will do so at some point.

      And I think we have enough rain here for now. But thanks anyhow!

      • Can definitely see that you’d want to share more substantive info from your journals. We’ll all be waiting with bated breath.

        i know i will…hugmamma. :)

    • Thanks! I was experimenting and got several that were pretty good. It really came down hard too, so very splashy.

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