After The Rain

After the rain, the James River was high and fast, the water an even darker brown than usual.  I took this from a short bridge during my lunch walk.  And yes, I took the umbrella with for my walk.  Those clouds looked like more rain would come soon. 

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Nature Virginia

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  1. Has your area experienced major flooding like other places around the country that have been devastated? Even here in Washington state, we’ve had episodes of damage due to flooding caused by overflowing rivers. Our neighborhood’s creek has caused water damage to the low-lying homes, especially ones along the banks.

    • I think the James River is going over the banks this weekend in some low lying areas. And it’s raining again!

  2. Am a little confused. The post on your other blog said you needed more rain. But here it looks like you’ve got torrents. Is it just the timing of the picture and posts that I’m not seeing.

    pardon my confusion…hugmamma.

    • Sorry about that! What I meant was that when the drought comes from about July to September, we will be glad for all the rain. But the James River is even higher now and in danger of going over the banks. I think we do have too much rain for now.

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