Heads Up For Pretty Boy

Heads -plural form of head.

Although I use a computer all day at work and really should not be doing it all night at home, I enjoy my photos and writing in my journals.  Over the past few weeks, I did some head studies of one of our dogs.  The breeder we got him from enjoys hearing news about how he is doing and she wrote back, “what a handsome dog”.  And he is, even though he is getting gray.

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  1. I saw your link on shutter sisters – I like that your subject was your dog, it was a great way to interpret the subject.

    Your photos are so beautiful – he has a very kind, gentle face :)

    • He really is a sweetie. He would not do well with an abusive owner – he lives for approval. Unlike the beagle, who finds it easier to seek forgiveness than permission. I can never tell who did something – the beagle will never act guilty and this one always acts guilty.

  2. Sooo cute. Such soulful eyes, like my Mocha. Dogs’ eyes speak volumes, don’t they? How old is he? My Mocha is 9. They grow up up quickly. :)

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