Waving A Final Goodbye


Waving – Repeated moving of arms or hands to signal.

This is a picture of my Great-Uncle Louie in 1965.  My mother loved him so much – he was good to her when she was a child and although we did not live particularly close by, every summer he took us (my mother, sister and I) to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field.  Uncle Louie was an uncle by marriage, but he & my Aunt had no children of their own and loved having us kids over. 

The last time I saw him was waving to my sister and I from the window of his hospital room.  We were pretty young and didn’t understand why we couldn’t go see him or that he was so sick that soon we would no longer see him.  I didn’t like waiting in the car in the hospital parking lot – I wanted to go in and hear my Uncle laugh. 

My sister and I also had no idea that he had a brother who looked very much like him – at the funeral home, we couldn’t stop staring at at his brother Al.  We had no idea who Al was or why he looked so much like our Uncle.  I do remember though Al’s kindness in taking us up the street to get some ice cream and get away from the funeral home for a while, as well as his amusement at two little girls who couldn’t stop staring at him. 

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