Loaded For Action At All Times


Loaded – Having a live round of ammunition in the chamber; armed.

See this sweet little face?  So cute.  So adorable.  But he has a mission in life – to protect his momma from any danger that could possibly come her way.  Anyone that he can see is a potential danger.  And he will protect me to the death if he had to, even though his jaw is too small to bite anyone and he only weighs 7 pounds.  He is loaded and ready for action anytime he sees anything that could even remotely be a threat to me.

So do not approach me.  Do not even come on my street.  And if you see him charging you, try not to pee in your pants laughing at him acting so ferocious.  Because he’s only fulfilling his purpose in life.  [Yes, he really does act this way – thankfully he is so small.]

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