Chuck Is Best Bought At The Farmer’s Market

Chuck (from Wiktionary) – Meat from the shoulder of a cow or other animal.

I love the local farmer’s market.  It has so much energy and enthusiasm and so many things to try out.  I love talking to the vendors and hearing their stories and about their lives.  I shopped local before it was hip to shop local and I bought seasonal before that was popular too. 

My favorite boy toy and I stopped buying beef a while back because so much of it was imported.  I didn’t want ground chuck that was a mix of who-knows-what from Mexico, Canada and somewhere in the United States.

That changed when I found local grassfed beef at the local farmer’s market.  I know the “beef guy” on a first name basis.  His meat is consistently good, tender, and flavorful.  I’ve met his wife and son sometimes too, although they don’t quite recognize me as a regular. 

Now that I can buy local, grassfed beef, I’ve been eating it again.  It is so good! 

This picture is from the farmer’s market in Omaha.  I don’t have one from here and need to correct that this summer. 

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  1. This post is making me hungry. Better get myself off to the kitchen and cook up a meal.

    am salivating at the thought of your burgers…hugmamma. :)

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