Valuable – How To Even Count It?


Albert Einstein said, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. ”  (From Brainy Quote)

I thought about today’s word as I took my lunch walk yesterday and thought how can I even begin to describe the word valuable?

My list of what is valuable is so long.  I will try though to describe a few of the many things that are valuable to me.

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  • My favorite boy toy (together almost 40 years!)
  • My daughter
  • My sister
  • My mother
  • Family – and I have a lot of family
  • Memories of my cats
  • The dogs, who are the reason I have not gotten another cat.  Here they are – this one, that one, and the other one.
  • My free time
  • The ability to make a good living
  • Freedom
  • So here is my picture of the day – my parents on their wedding day.  They are as young as they looked. 

    My father is in his army uniform, with the Army Corps of Engineers pin on his collar.  He was in the reserves and on active duty, although he did not go to Korea.  Many others in his generation were not so fortunate.  My generation had the Vietnam war, and the Air Force is getting ready to post my cousin’s oldest son overseas (Afghanistan is the highest probability).

    Albert was right – not everything that counts can be counted, from our family to our freedom to the things that give us pleasure.  They are all valuable.

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