Thanks hugmamma!

A big old thank you to hugmamma for her post inviting her readers to come check out my blog!  This is so cool.  I look forward to seeing her posts on the word of the day.

And as always, thanks to KittyHere or There, Anywhere  and ThreeSixFive, TwoZeroOneOne for their diligence in putting the words to photos and for the links from their blogs.  I enjoy seeing their choices – I’ve sent a few notes that they make it look so easy, but they have been quick to reply that it isn’t always so.  Some days are easy, but others take a bit of thought to find my photo and tell a story. 

For those who haven’t had time or fell out of the project, join when you can.  I love hearing from all of you.


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  1. Besides being well written and interesting, your blog encourages community, and that’s a biggie in this day and age.

    it’s definitely…well worth a visit…hugmamma. :)

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