Near The Bee – A Little TOO Near

Near (from Wiktionary) – physically close.

So what happens when a bee gets near the dog?  It becomes a dog entertainment center.  And apparently it tastes pretty yukky too, although that has not yet stopped the dog from trying to catch them and eat them.  Thankfully he hasn’t gotten many – and he must not have been stung because he continues to be overly fascinated with them.  Here he is checking out the basil for more entertainment from the bumblebees.

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  1. I miss being able to garden this early in the year….until I remember that not only did I garden almost year round…but the weeds grew pretty much all year too. I’m so looking forward to digging in the dirt soon.

    • It’s coming here quickly as well. The nighttime temperatures are staying above freezing – I might start tomatoes earlier this year.

    • Thanks! I got some better ones of the bees, but this one was the best to display how the entertainment center actually worked.

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