Research Into Tax Laws

Research (from Wiktionary) – Diligent inquiry or examination to seek or revise facts, principles, theories, applications.

I do corporate tax work for a living.  When I started in my field, the tax reporters were all paper.  I specialize in state taxation, so there were over 50 reporters (at least one for each state; more for several of the states).  If I had to research a topic in multiple states, my desk would be covered with books.

Now, the tax reporters are on-line.  If I research multiple states, I open up multiple windows on my computer.  It’s a good thing too – my current cubicle is so small that I couldn’t hold a lot of books on my table top!

Word for tomorrow – SMILED.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”. 

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  1. My head is spinning at the thought of the information you must have in your head & at your finger tips.

    Thankfully when I was self-employed running a music studio from my home my husband did all the tax work. He finds reading tax codes interesting. My eyes just glaze over with confusion & I feel like I must have major reading comprehension problems I opened a tax booklet.

    1. My husband feels the same way that you do. Of course, when he starts talking f-stops and camera raw, I feel the same way. It’s all a matter of perspective (and experience).

    1. And how! I cannot believe that less than 20 years ago in the workplace we all shared a couple of computers and had no shared servers. Now we all have a computer and share all kinds of files.

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