Join the challenge!  Post a picture to match the word of the day and put a link in the comments.  You’ll be amazed at how differently the word gets interpreted. 

Finally -At the end or conclusion; ultimately.

So picture this – we wait and wait and wait and finally the music starts.  As Pomp and Circumstances plays, the college students start marching in.  Her dad and I finally see her, grinning and waving.  She’s happy to finally be done with a grueling four years. 

As she walks by, we turn to each other and say, “and think, no one went to jail for manslaughter!”.  We laugh and laugh, but do not tell her the joke for a few more years. 

This is the picture from the back after they all got into the auditorium and the ceremony began – you can tell it’s still at the beginning because their hats on are still on. 

Word for tomorrow – STOPPING.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

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    • She went to a small grade school and small high school. This was her college graduation though and she did go to a large university. She was ready by then.

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