Why I Keep A Journal

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to record my life.  So much of it passes in a blur that within minutes or days, I forget what happened – the small details that made me happy, the compliment someone gave me, my emotions at the time.

 I have kept journals for years to record these precious memories.  Having a blog is an evolution in the process, an experiment to take this part of my life to the next level and share it with others. 

 It’s hard sometimes to share my life.  People are easily offended when I do not act or say in the way they wanted.  Yet many more are blessed.  It might be that I have clarified their own thoughts, helped them see something from a different perspective, or simply gave them a sounding board as they tried to brainstorm or solve a problem in their life. 

 So here is to learning something new and trying something different in 2011!


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I am a backyard adventurer, philosopher and observer, recording my life in journals and photographs. Visit my blog at www.livingtheseasons.com.

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