Happy Thursday!

It’s Thursday again and time for another chuckle.  Here’s what happens when dog #1 gets bounced around the couch during a game of keep away with his daddy and the beagle decides to join in the fun.  You know the game – it’s my toy, not yours and I’m not giving it up.

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Made ya’ smile!

A Daily Life

Are you considering a daily challenge in one of your personal passions?  A new article at A Daily Life explores why you would want to do a daily challenge.  It is a follow-up to an earlier post where I wrote about the two daily challenges that I did in 2011.

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10 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!

  1. thegambillgals

    I just go around to showing this to Jaimie. She laughed and signed silly! It made her day!

  2. what a cutie. thanks for the chuckle.

  3. Is he singing or crying? Cute little fellow.

    • Actually, he’s howling. We’re not sure if thinks dog #1 is being hurt or if he’s missing out on the fun. I think the answer is probably he’s excited because the other dog is barking and my husband is barking back at him as they roughhouse.

  4. Aww, love that face!

  5. That dog just cracks me up! Nothing like a beagle to make you smile. Thanks for the chuckle this gray rainy morning – have a great day – Kathleen

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