Taking A Walk In January

I got off work early enough on Saturday to take a walk at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

Not too surprisingly, the gardens were fairly empty.  The temperatures have dropped considerably and the wind had a bite to it.

I hadn’t intended to wear my winter coat to walk, but did so as I’d left my lighter fleece coat at the office from my lunchtime walks.

I was glad for the coat; shortly after I started walking, the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped more as the wind got stronger.

The leaves have been gone for a while; the pitcher plants have died back.

But there was still beauty to be found.

It was rather bleak though and I found my mood matching it.

Which made no sense.  Work had gone well.  We’re over the worst of it.  My co-workers continue to be a strong team.  We care for each other and encourage each other to hang in there.

But I was tired and needing a nap.

I couldn’t resist looking at everything though, even if I didn’t know what it was.

It was nice being in the fresh air.

It was nice paying attention to look for beauty, even in winter.

I saw things I hadn’t seen before.

There was still a lot of green, from the pines to the ivy to the red berries.

As tired as I was, I went into the greenhouse to see what was there.  It was warm and there was no wind.

The Christmas tree was still up, but the flowers made me think of Valentine’s Day.

Then I came home, kissed my husband, cuddled some dogs, and took a nap.

Other walks are posted for March, April, October, and November.

For other ideas on taking a walk, visit A Daily Life to see examples of how others do this type of a post.

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18 thoughts on “Taking A Walk In January

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  6. Some really nice photos here. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for reminding us that winter forms in nature have their charm too.

    Steve Schwartzman


  8. How different the garden looks in winter. Glad you found the greenhouse, that was like dessert! A nap is always good after being out in the cold.

  9. Thanks for yet another photo of my favorite spot in the botanical gardens, as well as the other photos. The dog in your husband’s arms looks so soft – I want to reach through the screen to feel the dog’s coat.

    • You are so welcome – I was going to give you a special mention in the blog (for the photo), but it didn’t flow quite right. The mastiff puppies do have soft fur – it’s almost like down.

  10. A walk is always good for the soul. Great pictures. Thnaks for sharing.

  11. seeing the blooming plants and flowers can put a spring in my step (literally) on a bleak day. Hope you had a good nap. lovely photos.

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